Why Does Sperm Burn Inside Of Me

Why Does Sperm Burn Inside Of Me

Why Does Sperm Burn Inside Of Me

Semen may be the trigger for an allergic reaction.

Automated Output: The condition known as sperm allergies can cause burning, itching and redness around your vaginal area due to sensitivity from their protein content in seminal fluid which causes inflammation on contact with skin cells called mast Cells found there  – though some women also experience discomfort during urination or when they have sex because these two functions require close proximity between muscles where many people’s allergens are located within this area too!

Why Should You Pee After Sex

When you have sex, the bacteria in your urethra can raise chances for an infection. To avoid this problem and other STIs such as vaginitis or yeast infections that may be caused by germs getting into those sensitive areas during sexual activity; always use protection (Condom).

Urine gets pushed out through a hole at end of tube called “urethra.” To flush away any unwanted substances collected there would be best way is via peeing which helps wash everything cleanly away from inside our bodies.

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