Why Does A Man'S Sperm Smell Like Fish

Why Does A Man’S Sperm Smell Like Fish

Why Does A Man’S Sperm Smell Like Fish

You may be wondering why your semen smells fishy and needs to have a proper explanation. There are many reasons for this, but the most common one is that it’s due to foods or drinks like asparagus which can cause an artificial odor in men’s fluids if they eat them too much at once! Try limiting these types of items until things get back under control- there shouldn’t actually BE any problems here anyways since everything will go downhill eventually anyway.
I hope I’ve helped answer all YOUR questions about why yours might smell so bad sometimes – good luck out.

How To Keep Uncircumcised From Smelling

Here are a few things you can do to keep your penis healthy and safe from STIs. If you’re uncircumcised, pull back on the skin that covers it when peeing or bathing so there’s no chance of getting something in his privates! Make sure all sexual contact includes protection- use condoms every time (even if they break) because even microscopic bacteria could spread an infection far worse than what was already present beforehand. After having sex wear loose clothing such as cotton underwear which will help reduce irritation caused by friction during the removal process.

How To Make Your Penis Smell Good

The best way to keep your private parts healthy and happy is by following these simple tips. Soapless often, use intimate wash products like moisturizers or oils with a light fragrance that will not irritate the skin if you’re uncircumcised but still want some protection from bacteria buildup in this area of our bodies—and remember: always clean between each individual toe before sticking them out!

Why Does My Dick Smell Like Fish

You might have a UTI, and your penis may take on an unpleasant odor. Other signs include: needing to pee frequently even if you don’t pass much urine when going; having the burning sensation while urinating for about 1-2 hours after each time this happens.

Why Does My Penis Smell

When the smegma in your body builds up, it can lead to an unpleasant odor and even infection. If you don’t wash regularly or sweat a lot then this will happen more often than necessary!

Why Does My Penis Stink

To avoid infections and reduce any odor coming from the penis, it is essential to wash your sexual organs at least once a day with a gentle cleanser and warm water.

Why Do I Keep Smelling Bleach

The pH level of your body’s fluids may be slightly alkaline, which means that the aroma will have an identifying scent. This change in smell should reflect what you are feeling mentally and emotionally- so if there is any variation after sex it could suggest either anxiety or excitement for example!

Why Do I Smell Bleach

Phantosmia, or smelling something that’s not there can be a symptom of epilepsy. Phantoms are also associated with Alzheimer’s disease and sometimes occur during migraine episodes.

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