Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth

Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth

Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth

The causes of tooth decay can be difficult to pinpoint, but one main factor is the accumulation of acid in your mouth. This leads to white spots on teeth as well- perceived or actual disruption for enamel’s mineral content which forms when plaque becomes too thick due both natural wear from brushing incorrectly and other factors like diet choices that promote bad bacteria growth within us all! Acid reflux is caused by the foods and drinks we consume, but it’s also a side effect of bacteria in your mouth. When these acids come out as you eat or drink carbohydrates (sugar), they cause more pain for many people who have this condition because there doesn’t seem to be any solution that works on curing acid indigestion besides medication.

Why Do My Teeth Have White Spots

White teeth are a sign of excellent dental health, and some people do whatever they can to keep their smile as white as possible. This includes brushing daily, having regular cleanings from the dentist or practicing good oral hygiene by avoiding sugar-rich foods in order maintain the natural color of your enamel but sometimes discolorations like white blotches form on our pearly whites which is different than any other shade so this may be bothersome for you if these areas become prominently noticeable throughout most/all smiles; however it could also identify an issue with decay causing rapid cell growth speeding up until pain sets into place followed by swelling due cause inflammation leading us here where we see spots..

Why Do My Teeth Look Clear

When your teeth are translucent or clear, it’s because the enamel on them has been destroyed. Some conditions can lead to weakened and lost minerals that make up this protective covering for our teeth – often characterized by dents in their surfaces from grooves indenting tooth decay occurs when people with celiac disease suffer increased risk of having cavities due to sensitivity during eating causing pain caused by irritation which leads many dental problems such as mouth ulcers; an example might be if someone takes medications regularly but does not floss so those drugs end up getting trapped inside plaques/tartar deposits without being noticed since there is no surface left smooth enough where they will stay put otherwise.

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