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Maverick’s Competitive Advantages for Multi-Family Investors

Maverick's competitive advantage for our investors is proven in our leadership team's track record and in our company's philosophy. In every key area - from finances to investments and operations - our hands-on executives have deep knowledge of the industry, decades of experience, and most importantly, the commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve exceptional results for our investors and ourselves. The significant multifamily assets in our portfolio reliably out-perform in their markets.

A company in the field at minimum offers the basics below.  Maverick Residential starts there and keeps pushing upward.

The Basics:

  • Strong lender relationships
  • Ability to identify attractive investment targets
  • Knowledge of sub-markets and trends
  • Established value-add strategies
  • Preservation of asset through effective management
  • Tenant retention

The Maverick Advantage:

  • Motivated lender partners who have experienced our accelerated rent growth and cost-control strategies, and approach us with preferential financing terms
  • Broker relationships that provide a pipeline of pre-market opportunities
  • Beyond a comprehensive analysis of asset fundamentals and potential, our investments team brings non-quantitative instincts honed by a collective 90 years in the field to select the most advantageous targets
  • Proven ability to engage in crowded, highly competitive purchase offer negotiations and prevail
  • Tested multi-phase strategy for asset repositioning that maximizes returns and creatively responds to the personality and potential of each project

  • Intensive timelines for asset improvements and re-tenanting if needed
  • Advanced hiring, training and motivation protocol for key management positions at each project
  • Consistently high level of demand for attention to detail and cost control in every facet of operations
  • A culture of true hospitality, inclusiveness and warmth for team members and residents

Mavericks Residential is an owner/operator who invests in new projects alongside its joint venture partners. Our non-bureaucratic structure means we can fully utilize the cross-sector knowledge of each team member, respond nimbly to opportunities and adapt quickly as conditions change. For more information about investing with us, please complete the contact form below.