How Does A Bone Stimulator Work

How Does A Bone Stimulator Work

How Does A Bone Stimulator Work

The stimulator is a small device that can be implanted under the skin or outside of your body. The electromagnetic field generated by this item helps to attract and promote new bone growth, which leads to healing

How Does A Spinal Cord Stimulator Work

Spinal Cord Stimulation is a therapy that delivers mild electrical pulses to the spine, resulting in relief for thousands of people every day. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes and you can go home afterwards with no pain or discomfort!

What Is A Bone Growth Stimulator

In order to promote bone healing in difficult fractures or fusions, a device known as “bone growth stimulation” applies electrical or ultrasonic current. This process can be used following cervical spine surgery and might also help with failed fusion procedures by helping spinal bones fuse together more effectively than they would on their own power source alone.

What Is A Bone Stimulator

Bone stimulators are devices that act as a constant-current source. They typically consist of one anode, and one or more cathodes with the intent to stimulate bone growth around its cathodic area (or areas). Whether externally applied through ultrasonic waves sent into tissue near your body’s natural resonant frequency for treating fractures; surgically installed inside someone else’s skull so you can help them heal faster after sustaining injuries–a good rule when deciding whether this treatment would work well on someone.

What To Expect With Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant Surgery Post Op

One of the rarest yet potentially life-threatening complications after spinal cord surgery is an infection. Symptoms to watch for include swelling at your incision site, redness or pus followed by unusual bleeding that may lead pain higher then what you’ve experienced before in certain cases even if it isn’t always present on its own right away but rather comes about due other issues like nerve damage which will make everything worse!


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